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It was time!

Oh yes, it was time for a new casino guide to enter the market and Beaverslots is here to satisfy just that!

We wish you a warm welcome to Beaverslots.com!

In this guide you will be able to compare the very best online casinos but not only that!

We also have a huge free spins list without any depositing required to play!

Yes, your read that right – no deposit required!

All you need to do to start using Beaverslots is to simply just go into either the casino or the free spins list and you will read set and go with your new online casino experience in no time!

 What makes a casino good enough for Beaverslots?

There are several factors to consider when we are reviewing casinos.

First and foremost, we value simplicity over anything else.

If your casino is hard to navigate, have slow loading times and is generally clunky – we will not promote it.

The second thing we value the most is customer support.

Some casinos have awful support and don’t seem to value their customers/players at all!

And at last but not the least, casino bonuses.

Generally, if the casino has low value promotions, they will not rank very high with us.

There are ofcourse exceptions to this, but the fact is that if you are a new casino player and you are looking for a new casino, you would want it to be worth your time, right?

We do our absolute best in order to ensure that our readers receive the best online casino offers out there.

Our aim is to become the biggest online casino guide in Canada.

The team behind Beaverslots

You can read more about the team behind Beaverslots on our About us page.

We consist of several people with a passion for online casino.

Together we have over 20 years of experience in casino and we use that experience and knowledge to bring you the most accurate information there is about online casino.

We also use our negotiating skills to bring you the best exclusive casino offers available.

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